Coral Shrimp
Coralliocaris Sp.


Coral Shrimp (Coralliocaris sp.) are amongst the hardest shrimp to photograph or film. It’s not because they move around or are particularly tiny (these are all around the 1cm to 2cm) but because they live deep into a branching hard coral called Acropora. This means that it is hard even to know that they exist!!

Luckily one of my guides became fascinated with one page from the critter reference book we use, a page that had all three of the Acropora Coral Shrimp on it. He started carefully looking in every bit of Acropora that he could find and amazingly managed to eventually find all three different shrimp! I had never seen one of these shrimp before, so it was very wonderful to see three such beautifully patterned crustaceans.

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