Signal (Crabeye) Goby
Signigobius biocellatus

This is a very elusive fish and we rarely get to see them. And when we do, they tend to quickly dart into their burrows and disappear from view. They are special for two reasons..

The first is the way they act. They sit stationary on the sand, then every few seconds, jump up and land again…a very un-fish-like behaviour…but very cute to watch..

and the second thing is their mimicry adaptation..they seem to mimic a crab. If you look at the side view, slightly let your eyes go out of focus, the two big dots on it’s dorsal fin look like the eyes of a big crab….and something that wants to eat a little goby definitely does not want to eat a big crab!!

Enjoy the video. I was very pleased to finally see one that let me get close enough to film it. The site we were on had about 1 metre (3 foot) visibility in the shallows at the time, which may have been why this little guy felt safe to be out and about…

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