Super Rare Pelagic Nudi
Phylliroe Sp.

It’s always great to be filming something underwater when you have no idea what it is. When filming macro critters though, finding something in blue water is not ideal. Trying to keep a small moving object in focus is not easy…but that’s what makes it a challenge and a joy…

I was recently going through some old footage that I hadn’t catalogued, looking for a clip I knew I had filmed is a crab that had just shed its skin. As I was looking through 1000s of thumbnails of clips, I came across something I had completely forgotten I had filmed, and I had no idea what it was.

Was it a larval-stage fish? A weird Jelly? I put together a quick few seconds of video then uploaded it to the fountain of all knowledge, Facebook. There are some truly excellent groups for divers on Facebook and one of the most useful is the ID Please (Marine Creature Identification) group. Within a few minutes I had my answer, I had filmed a very rare creature, a Phylliroe. Yup, I had no idea either….but the provided links showed me that it was a highly transparent pelagic nudibranch.

These are very strange creatures and have been hardly studied at all. I recommend you click this link to read more about them.

The moral of this story? Don’t leave your unwatched underwater videos/photos on a hard drive without looking at them from time to time!!! You never know what you might find….

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